EDU: Our Actions Speak for Us

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EDU : Our Actions Speak For Us

Since its formation in 2009, EDU has brought a critical voice to the UESF Executive Board and Assembly. We are active in defending our coworkers at our school sites and in working with families to get our students the resources they deserve. EDU members are principled unionists who have been active in UESF for many years; we are also active in the San Francisco Labor Council, helping to lead the work on Tax the Rich measures.

o EDU holds elected positions on the UESF Executive Board; we advocate for transparency and hold union leadership accountable to members.
o EDU activists were the key organizers of the Mission feeder march on March 4th, 2010, which brought out thousands of families, students and educators in defense of public education.
o During the contract fight of 2010, EDU activists raised the demand: NO CUTS/NO CONCESSIONS.
o In the fall of 2010, EDU pushed UESF to organize publicly against the anti-teacher film: Waiting for Superman.
o In early 2011 we jointly organized “Visions of Reform,” a panel co-hosted with Teachers for Social Justice.
o In the winter of 2011, EDU worked in the UESF Elementary Committee to get UESF to oppose MAP testing (now CLA) in all divisions.
o In the spring of 2011, EDU brought a resolution to the UESF Assembly to request a bus for members to go to the May 9-13th week of action in Sacramento.
o On May 9th EDU joined students, labor and community activists in Sacramento; under the banner of TAX THE RICH/ FUND OUR SCHOOLS, six EDU members were among the seventy
arrested who spent the night in jail.
o In August, 2011, EDU took the initiative of getting UESF to oppose PALS testing in grades K and 1.
o EDU members have been involved with Occupy San Francisco since the beginning.
o As contract negotiations approached this fall, EDU activists continued to call for NO CUTS/NO FURLOUGHS/NO LAY-OFFS.
o Since January, we have urged UESF to mobilize members in support of our bargaining team and have called for transparency in report backs from the bargaining table.
EDU meets monthly at either the Ingleside or Glen Park public library.
Next Meeting:Wednesday May 9, Glen Park public library, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
accessible by BART, 44, 23, 52 MUNI
EDU is also running a slate of candidates for the Executive Board and for UESF officer positions.
Lita Blanc for President
Andrew Libson for Vice-President
Lisa Gutierrez Guzmán for Secretary
Darlene Anaya for Vice-President of Substitutes