“NO!” means “NO!” EDU response to Tentative Agreement

This statement includes a correction to the section on the EED program. You can download a copy of this flier here.

On May 10th, 2012, 1900 UESF members voted to set a second strike vote date to reject ANY and ALL layoffs, furloughs, class size increases, and dizzying array of cuts proposed by the district. We demanded the district use up $75 million in restricted and unrestricted reserves to defend our jobs and schools, not dismantle them.

Now the UESF Executive Board recommends passing a Tentative Agreement that not only gives in on virtually every single demand of the district, but also wholly ignores the willingness of our members to fight back.

So what does SFUSD get in this agreement?

Furloughs? Yep. 3 over the course of 2 years (although they limit impact on the classroom) and an agreement to up to a whopping 6.5 furlough days this year and 10 days next year if Proposition 30 does not pass.

Class size increases? Check. Special Ed. classes will see increases and reduced protections for keeping class size small. Class size limits are being removed from our contract for grades 3 & above, deferring instead to limits set by the State. The same State that voted to reduce the minimum number of school days from 181 to 160 to allow more furlough days. No thanks!

Layoffs? Yep. Layoffs have been reduced for half the certificated teachers over the summer, but classifieds have gotten nothing here. And now this Tentative Agreement assures job losses for pre-K Early Childhood Development (EED) based on employees’ hours being consolidated to 7.5 per day.

Dismantling of EED? Yes. The regular work year of early education educators has been reduced from 218 days to 191 days.It was recently clarified that the Early Education summer program WILL continue to be staffed by UESF members albeit at the reduced rate of $30/hour rather than the current $39/hour. Seniority rights have been maintained only for paras who wish to work during the summer. Hiring of teachers, however, will not be based on seniority. Moreover, we do not know at which sites the summer program will be implemented. Nor do we know how many layoffs and consolidations will be caused by the elimination or part-time positions at Early Education schools.

Process? Horrible! The UESF Bargaining Team essentially went into secret negotiations over the summer and now, having just revealed the contents of this agreement there is a rush to ratify by the 1st day of school. This provides NO time for the deliberation we need to consider the impact on our work, our students and our schools.

How should we respond?
• Vote NO! on this contract and urge all your colleagues to do the same.
• Attend membership meetings on Aug. 14th or 15th and demand that UESF:
• return to the bargaining table and demand SFUSD bargain in the open.
• set a second strike vote date in September and begin preparations for a strike, NOW!

UESF members held strong and said “NO!” to cuts before, we can do it again. Tell SFUSD and our Bargaining Team (who seem to have forgotten)…” No means No.”

Check our “Find EDU” page for our August 9 meeting info.