EDU update on the fight to save CCSF

Great turnout at Save CCSF meeting yesterday. This is very encouraging in
terms of a good turnout at the March 14th Rally.

It will be important for all of us to start talking up this rally among
staff, students and parents.


Over 300 community members vote to take action to save CCSF
The tide is turning in the fight to save City College of San Francisco
(CCSF). Over 300 students, faculty, staff, and community supporters
crammed into an auditorium on Wednesday night for a community meeting
called by the Save CCSF coalition to collectively discuss how to save the
school from the forces of privatization and austerity. The standing-room
only crowd was buzzing with energy and eagerness to take action. The
meeting made the following key decisions:
a) To organize a mass rally at SF City Hall at 4pm on Thursday March 14 to
demand that the city take action to save the college and reverse cuts to
its classes, workers, and programs. (It was also decided to support the
student action on February 21 at 12:30 pm, Ram Plaza, Ocean Campus, CCSF,
as well as the union rally at the board of trustees meeting on the evening
of February 28.)
b) To adopt the following list of demands:
1) Save CCSF as an affordable, accessible, and democratic community college.
2) Reverse cuts to classes, programs, and compensation. Use Prop. A funds
as promised.
3) Fully fund CCSF and all public education by increasing taxes on the rich
and corporations. Stop privatization.
4) Stop the misuse of accreditation to impose austerity. Make accreditation
transparent and democratic.
5) Keep CCSF diverse. Stop re-segregation.
6) Stop union busting. Rescind staff and faculty layoffs.
c) To meet as a coalition on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. The
next coalition meeting will be February 20th at 6pm the Student Union of
Ocean Campus. (Constituency groups and committees will meet on the 2nd and
4th Wednesdays.)
d) To get more participation in the following committees: outreach, media,
action, lobbying, research, staff outreach, and teach ins. Contact if you would like to join a committee.
For more information:
text “follow saveccsfnow” to 40404