Join EDU in the fight to save CCSF!

EDU has been getting involved in the struggle to save City College of San Francisco. Here is a leaflet that one of our members wrote and passed out n the CCSF campus to spread the word about the important struggle to save the largest college in the U.S.

by Larry Orloff (EDU caucus of UESF, taking 2 CCSF classes, retired High School Teacher*)
*for identification only

High School Seniors, Welcome to CCSF

If you decide to attend CCSF, you will be offered an excellent education. A few years ago, the New York Times ranked CCSF among the top 11 community colleges in the country. CCSF graduates outscore students from every other community college in California. It’s radiology department, for example, is rated first or second in the country. Its numerous class offerings (including free English learning), and its nine campuses spread around the city means it truly is a college for the community.

However, there is something you should know about CCSF. As we’re sure you’ve heard, we are fighting a battle to keep the quality of education high at CCSF. Even the ACCJC which is threatening to withdraw our accreditation says that CCSF’s educational program is excellent.

We’re sure you heard about the battle between the 1% and the 99% that the Occupy movement made famous. What you may not have heard is that US corporations and the capitalists that run them have $2 trillion in cash that they want to invest.

The problem is that there haven’t been good places to invest that money so they gamble in the stock market and in derivatives (risky bets on the money markets). The US and the European economies were shaken when the derivatives based on the housing mortgages collapsed. The US government decided to rescue these rich investors and to make the rest of us pay for it. Considering that the government is controlled by the rich, this is no surprise.

But now these capitalists have found a profitable place to invest their money: the $650 billion education industry. They started with public education with charter schools which are privately owned but get their money from our taxes. And they push testing which is run by big privately owned businesses, again paid for with our tax money.

Now they want to get into colleges and college loans: the average college graduate owes $27,000 dollars to these private lenders with many who owe way more than that. And the US government passed a law which doesn’t let you cancel those debts with bankruptcy until they are paid off. Private colleges accept students who take out loans to pay them but who often don’t graduate.

And no matter what college you attend, these privatization forces will be at work. It is why tuitions have increased so dramatically in the last few years. It is why the Federal and State governments around the country have cut their support for public colleges and universities.

The newest target is community colleges like CCSF. The private accreditation agency, the ACCJC has put us on probation and is threatening to close us down. They claimed that we don’t have enough money to pay for the school, but the voters of SF passed Proposition A by 73% and the voters of California passed Proposition 30 so there is enough money. But now the Special Trustee who’s paid $1000 per day, says he is not going to spend the Prop A money on keeping classes and preventing layoffs. This is a violation of the will of the voters and must not be tolerated. Again this shows that these capitalists are running the system for their own benefit and not for ours.

Students, teachers, union members and the community is fighting back against these attacks and we want to invite you and your parents or guardians to join us. The best education you can get is learning how to fight against the cutbacks to our standard of living.

Come to the Community Meeting to Save CCSF

SAVE CCSF COALITION Wednesday, February 6, 6:00 to 8:00 PM
CCSF Mission Campus, Room 109, 1125 Valencia near 22nd Street