EDU wins delegate seats for CFT convention

On March 15, delegates from educators’ unions around the state will meet in Sacramento to debate, discuss and decide. EDU ran a slate of candidates for delegate positions to this convention. We won 5 seats. Download information on the convention here.

EDU won our fifth seat in a tie breaker.  Some thoughts from our members on the election:

I almost did not hand in the last ballot given to me by my colleague at 3pm last Monday! As she handed it to me, she smiled and said, “I voted for you!” I had to cancel my parent/teacher conference meeting and drive to the union office! That one ballot was crucial.

Congratulations to all EDUers. We are going to Sacramento on EDUers’ behalf!

Congratulations to all EDU candidates and thanks to all people who did flyering. Tom, Darlene, Lita, Lisa GG, and Maggie were elected as official delegates to the CFT convention. Only about 550 people voted.

Thanks to all UESF members who supported our candidates in this election and helped spread the word.