Larry Orloff Suddenly Removed From Election Committee

Larry Orloff has been on the UESF Election Committee since 2009. In the subsequent election cycle, President Kelly left his name off the list of prospective Election Committee members. The other Election Committee members rebelled and said they would refuse to be on the committee unless Larry were considered for reinstatement. And he was reinstated.

The Election Committee has consisted of six retired teachers who have developed a camaraderie had an enjoyable experience, and got their work done. This year (after many years of donated service) four of the people decided to resign from the committee. This left two members, including Brother Orloff.

When the position of Election Committee chair recently became available, it would have been natural for President Kelly to ask Brother Orloff to serve, as he is the last remaining member of the recent Election Committee core. However, President Kelly is seeking to appoint Liz Conley as the chairperson, despite the fact that she has no experience in running elections. At the same time Pres Kelly has sought to drop Brother Orloff entirely from the Election Committee. President Kelly didn’t even inform Larry Orloff that he was removing him. Instead, he had Sister Conley call him and inform him that Pres. Kelly was removing Orloff from the committee.

The reason that President Kelly is using for the attempted dismissal of Brother Orloff is that someone sent EDU envelopes and election flyers to Brother Orloff at the UESF office using SFUSD mail. This reasoning clearly seems like a ploy to get rid of Brother Orloff as he did not himself violate any UESF or election rules.

At the UESF Conference this past Saturday, March 2, 2013, President Kelly engaged in a conversation with Brother Orloff in which he agreed that being in a caucus was not a reason for dismissal.

UESF bylaws specifically state in Article 1V, Section 2: “At the March Assembly meeting, after nominations have been closed, the president shall appoint an Election Committee, subject to the approval of the Assembly”

We should act in the best interest of the Union and our members. This means keeping members who have served many donated hours on the EC, have been dedicated to their work and have no reason to be removed suddenly.

President Kelly appears to wish to remove Brother Orloff ahead of the appropriate review by the UESF Assembly @ its March meeting. We believe this is a partisan move and is not in the best interest of UESF.

Educators for a Democratic Union