Vote for NEA and CTA state council – and fast!

Please take the time to vote for EDU candidates for the annual gathering of
the National Education Association (NEA) and to represent you for three
years on the CTA State Council! Your ballot should be mailed by Saturday,
March 23rd… at the latest! Your support helped strengthen EDU in our
local elections last spring. Your vote will help send social justice
educators to our state and national affiliates.
Thank you for your support.
Lita Blanc

*Green sheet*…* vote on scantron*

NEA CTA-3 year term
CTA- alternate

4. Andy Libson 29. Lita Blanc
12. Darlene Anaya 30. Andy Libson
16. David Russitano 36. David Russitano
17. Lisa Gutierrez Guzman 37. Lisa Gutierrez Guzman
18. Maria Lourdes Nocedal 38.. Maria Lourdes Nocedal
19. Rose Curreri 39. Rose Curreri

48. Rose Curreri

*Blue Sheet – NEA* ( Yes, you can vote for the same people again. An
individual who wins on both ballots will cede one spot to an alternate)

Darlene Anaya and Lisa Gutierrez Guzman