What would be in a social justice contract?

The contract between UESF and SFUSD will expire at the end of the school
year. In the next year, educators will have an opportunity to argue for new
provisions and language that will become the standard for the district. We
need to think through the kind of social justice demands we want to put
forward. We should try to answer the question: What kind of schools do San
Francisco students and educators deserve?

Unfortunately, we also have a danger to face. The district may try to tie
evaluations to test scores or make way for more charter schools. They could
also try to break our solidarity by playing one group of educators against
another as they did in the last contract fight. We should be aware that
there is a national attack on public education and unions, which may be
brought home to San Francisco.

If we are going to be successful, we need to put forward an alternative
vision of the schools we want to see. We can’t do it alone. Your input and
ideas are extremely important. Come join the discussion as Educators for a
Democratic Union tries to articulate the vision for better schools and a
social justice contract.

Thursday September 12th at 4:30pm

Glen Park Library (2825 Diamond St)

Sponsored by EDU