Every Vote Counts

I endorse the following candidates for the CFT and AFT Conventions:
Lita Blanc
Ellen Yoshitsugu
Andy Libson
Tom Edminster
Maria Lourdes Nocedal
Lisa Gutierrez Guzman
Darlene Anaya
Jessica Hobbs
They are all members of the Educators for a Democratic Union, EDU, a caucus in our union. I have been a member of EDU since its inception. 
Every vote counts. Many times I witnessed a coin toss because of a tie. I even won a coin toss because of a tie in the voting outcome. As a result, I was able to represent the teachers and attend the CFT Convention. Please tell your friends who are not really feeling the strength of our union that there is another choice… EDU.  Even though I got elected to the executive board, I (and the others who are not PLC members) am excluded from offering any input in the negotiation process of our contract  with the district. It’s not a very empowering situation in the executive and the assembly. We can change this when we  change the leadership of our union.  
Magdalena de Guzman