EDU urges you to vote this week!

I endorse the following candidates for UESF conventions.  Please consider voting the entire slate.  

Darlene Anaya

Matt Bello
Lita Blanc
Rose Curreri
Tom Edminster
Jessica Hobbs 
Lisa Gutierrez Guzman
Andy Libson
Maria Lourdes Nocedal
Ellen Yoshitsugu
All are members of EDU – Educators for a Democratic Union – the activist caucus standing for progressive change within our union.  I have been a member since its inception five years ago.  
Why vote EDU, especially if you’ve never heard of any of our candidates?
Currently EDU is pushing UESF leadership to inform our members what is going on in bargaining. As union members, we have had no substantial report on bargaining from the bargaining team, which is tightly controlled by President Dennis Kelly. Not even the Executive Board –whose mandate is to set the policy for UESF and thus guide the Bargaining Team — has received information.   Our current union leadership still has not made public the data they collected from the bargaining surveys that they encouraged us all to fill out.  In fact, as an elected member of the Executive Board, we give no input to  bargaining or Union policy.  Sadly, there really is no room for debate and discussion, new ideas, and building leadership under our current leadership. 
EDU is working hard to change the way our union does business.  We run on a platform of transparency and open communication to all members.  This includes engaging members in debate and discussion, listening to what members have to say, and fighting for a living wage for all our members including paras and subs (who contract after contract have gotten shafted by the contracts agreed upon by our current leadership).  We need activist change in our union leadership and EDU is the body that is making that change.

We can really only make a difference as a group. Please consider voting for the entire EDU slate. 


We have monthly meetings and are building our caucus.

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Cynthia Lasden