Help send a message to the district that we are ready to strike this fall.

SFUSD is hoping to run out the clock and is counting on the summer to disorganize us and prepare us to accept any deal this fall. We believe that the first of the two strike votes necessary for a strike should happen before we leave for summer. Educators need to send a message to administration that we will not accept their current offer.

District administration has shown little regard toward teacher and paraprofessional needs for an adequate wage increase to begin to meet the rapid cost of living increases in San Francisco. Let SFUSD know that we are ready to fight to remain in the city and serve our students and communities.

In order to win a union-wide strike vote, the resolution must pass the Assembly this Wednesday. That is why we are calling for UBC members from all sites to come to the Assembly this Wednesday, May 21st, and vote in favor of the resolution for having the first strike vote happen before the end of the school year. Please join EDU and all strike-ready educators at the next UESF Delegate Assembly!

UESF Delegate Assembly
Date & time: Wed. May 21; 4:30pm
Location: Ida B. Wells HS; 1099 Hayes St.

Respect for teachers!
A living wage for paraprofessionals!
Working conditions that let us do our job effectively!