You can make a difference at this final assembly meeting!

EDU is mobilizing to get members to the UESF assembly this Wednesday to vote for a resolution to hold a strike vote before the end of the school year. In order for this to pass, we need at least 40 people at the meeting. You can make a difference by calling teachers and paraprofessionals you know and asking them to attend on Wednesday:
IDA B Wells HS
4:15 pm
Hope to see you and many others ….

Here are two EDU authored resolutions up for consideration:

Resolution for First Strike Vote Authorization Vote

Whereas SFUSD has shown clear disrespect and disregard for the needs of San Francisco by suggesting a paltry wage increase of 2% in 2014, 3% in 2015 and 3% in 2016; and

Whereas SFUSD has shown absolutely no willingness to meet the needs of paraprofessionals by giving them step increases in their wages and the needs of our students and schools by giving paras additional hours of work; and

Whereas SFUSD is not responding to the needs of educators with families by providing additional financial support for members with dependents; and

Whereas SFUSD is not acting in good faith when all parties agree that due to LCFF and to sacrifices made from previous years by educators, there will be up to 13$ millions dollars this year and an estimated additional $35 million next year returning to school budgets; and

Whereas SFUSD is completely ignoring the needs of our schools and our members by ignoring the demands of the UESF bargaining team; and

Whereas UESF members across the district are outraged at the arrogance of SFUSD and are determined to send a strong message of support for our demands; and

Whereas SFUSD believes they can ‘run out the clock’ on negotiations and get UESF members to settle for less by using the summer to undermine a united response from UESF and seek to get us to accept any deal we can get in August; and

Whereas UESF must prepare the first of two strike vote authorization membership meetings while the anger among members is great and the will to act is strong;

Therefore, be it resolved, that UESF will hold the first of two strike vote authorization meetings on either Wed. May 28 or Thurs. May 29 at a location to be decided at the Assembly meeting.

Submitted by Mission HS UBC

Special Order of Business

Whereas, resulting from the negotiations in 2012 for UESF current contracts, Tentative Agreements were submitted to
UESF members for ratification before staff returned to work in August with a deadline to return ballots of the first day of instruction,
thus making it difficult for membership to fully question and discuss the TAs; and

Whereas UESF members should understand any Tentative Agreement before they decide whether or not to ratify it; and

Whereas UESF members must have sufficient time to fully discuss a tentative agreement with each other, across
traditional boundaries of job classification, school division, grade level, etc., as well as among fellow school site staff
in order to fully assess such agreements; and

Whereas, in the course of such a time for review, UESF members need and deserve time to address their questions and
concerns with such a proposed tentative agreement to the UESF leadership and Bargaining Team;

Therefore be it resolved that Tentative Agreement-ratification timeline shall thus include sufficient time for circulation, discussion
and review of TAs by UESF members; and thus

Be it finally resolved that any deadline for UESF member ratification of any UESF-SFUSD Tentative Agreement shall NOT be before
Sept 15th.

submitted by Ellen Yoshitsugu, Tom Edminster & Lisa Gutierrez Guzman
for consideration at Wed 5/21 Assembly meeting