Ready for new leadership in UESF?

Dear EDU supporter,

Are you ready for new leadership in UESF? Now is the time!  In May UESF will hold internal elections and Educators for a Democratic Union (EDU) is primed to take over the leadership of our union.  We have the experience:  EDU has been a consistent voice for accountability and transparency elected to the Executive Board, the UESF Assembly, and in our UBCs for over 6 years.  Our union activists have been working with and for the union for many more years than that!   We are running a slate who is already standing up for the change we desperately need.

EDU stands for leadership that will listen to, empower and advocate for our members (see our points of unity below). During recent contract negotiations, EDU leaders pushed to keep members informed – not in the dark — about bargaining.  We challenged UESF leadership when they settled for modest raises and gains.  But we were not in the majority. We are looking to change that, starting in May, and we need your support!

Here’s our slate for the Executive Board elections in May.  When we win, UESF will be a union that stands up for you!

Lita Blanc, for President

Darlene Anaya, for Executive Vice President

Lisa Gutierrez Guzman, for Secretary

Tom Edminster, for Treasurer


Other EDU Executive Board candidates:

Elementary: Pablo Portillo, Cynthia Lasden, Marci Ryan, & Magdalena DeGuzman

Middle School: Heidi Avelina Smith

High School: Andy Libson, Derrlyn Tom, Ellen Yoshitsugu

Special Education: Julia Kim

At large: Larry Orloff

Paraprofessional: Francis Walsh

Substitute: Anna Slavicek

We need your support in order to run a vigorous campaign.  We do not have the visibility and resources of the incumbents, so we must rely on grass-root support to get out our message to win in May!

Here  are three ways in which you can support our campaign:

1.Set up a meeting with EDU candidates at your school.  Send requests to edudemocraticunion AT

2.Friend EDU on Facebook @ Educatorsfor A DemocraticUnion and invite your friends & colleagues to do so.

3.Forward this message with a personal note to your friends and co-workers.

Please do NOT use SFUSD email addresses: that is violation of UESF Election Rules, as has been past practice, and as we currently understand them.

If you have any questions about EDU or our campaign, please direct questions to: edudemocraticunion AT

EDU stands for:

• Member empowerment and participation
• A democratic union
• Transparency and accountability
• Solidarity: within our union and in our community
• Building alliances for racial and social justice
• Resistance to the corporate attack on public schools & services

We’re off and running!

Come help us plan our outreach for the upcoming UESF elections! There is an alternative to the status quo.

When: Thursday, March 12 at 4:30 pm

Where: Glen Park Library, 2825 Diamond Street
Check with your co-workers and come prepared to schedule an April site visit to your school.

Check out our platform as voted on at our last EDU meeting:



• Encourage democratic debate and discussion at UESF meetings

• Continue to fight for better wages and working conditions for paras

• All UESF members can vote at assembly meetings, not just UBC members

• Ensure an independent parliamentarian – not UESF president – presides

• Elect the Bargaining Team (not appoint)

• Elect – not appoint – members to lead Para, SPED, Elem, Middle, HS


• Transparency in Bargaining: Prioritize on-going communication to and

from members during bargaining

• Post or send agendas and minutes to all UESF meetings in a timely manner

• Ensure budget transparency and accountability for UESF staff and officers


• Actively participate in coalitions for housing and immigration rights, the

struggle against police violence and other social justice movements

• Advocate for legal separation between schools and law enforcement

• Carry out work actions or strikes over school closures or relocations

• Report regularly to members on SF Labor Council meetings and activity


• Oppose outsourcing to non-union workers and consultants in SFUSD

• Mobilize members to support schools that refuse to test

• Work for progressive taxation