EDU is visiting schools – Have we been to yours?

EDU candidates have been busy….. talking with teachers and paras at schools at more than a dozen schools all over the district during the first few weeks of the campaign. Members are eager to hear what we would do differently if elected. “How will you address member apathy?” and “What will your approach to bargaining be?” are two questions that came up at many sites. Other educators want to know what the union can do to address concerns over special ed, testing and common core.  Candidates will continue to visit schools for the next couple of weeks. Ballots will be mailed out  to members during the last week of April. If you don’t have your ballot by May 4, call UESF and make sure you get a replacement. Make sure your vote counts and get your ballot in the mail!

To learn more…

Schedule a visit to your site. Please contact Lita Blanc alitablanc at or Cynthia Lasden notengotia at to arrange a site visit by EDU candidates.

A debate for contested officer positions will take place on Tuesday May 5th from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria of Civic Center Secondary School. Come here from EDU candidates.

Check out candidate statements and photos on the UESF website here. 

Join EDU candidates for discussion and change our union!


join candidates in discussion!

The UESF election campaign is off. EDU candidates are visiting school sites, and your site should have gotten our first EDU campaign piece, a glossy card. We need your help and participation in a number of ways:


Please contact Lita Blanc or Cynthia Lasden to arrange a site visit by EDU candidates. We’d love to meet you to hear your concerns and questions Options include:

  • Meet and greet at sign-in book
  • Lunch time meetings
  • After faculty or UBC meetings on site

2. Teachers 4 Social Justice (T4SJ) and Educators for a Democratic Union (EDU) potluck/discussion:

Thursday, April 23rd

6 to 8 PM: potluck & discussion

Redstone Building

2940 16th Street @ Capp ( between Mission & South Van Ness)

 3. UESF candidate forum for contested officer positions:

May 5th

4 to 6 PM

location to be announced (check UESF website or EDU :see links below)


Ballots will be sent to your homes by the first week of May. The turn around time is short.

Please encourage voting at your sites and make sure members have received their ballots. The UESF office and election committee should be contacted if members do not receive ballots in a timely manner. (Double check with UESF now if you’ve moved recently!)

Ballots must be received by UESF by Monday May 18th.

Getting the ballots IN on time can be helped by:

  • Early voting
  • adding a STAMP (stamped First Class goes faster than pre-sorted) to the return ballot envelope.
  • Collecting ballots from your school site and hand delivering them on May 18th

PLEASE consider organizing ‘day of” ballot collection for your site!!


EDU stands for many things, including FULL DISCUSSION of educator and working condition issues. The current UESF leadership has done its best to NARROW and STIFLE full and informed discussion of issues, including

EDU activists have been key voices in holding UESF leadership to standards of transparency and have been important pressure on these and other issues:

  • Bargaining accountable to members (elected, bargaining priorities set through democratic discussion) vs a Bargaining Team appointed by & accountable to the UESF President
  • Wage and salary increases to help UESF members remain in San Francisco and working in the SF schools
  • Resistance to the “testing regime:” unreasonable tests and test time taking over instruction
  • Control over professional time
  • Trying to restore the hours cut from T-!0/security aides
  • Work day and salary issues for child development teachers

EDU stands for:

  • Member empowerment and participation
  • A democratic union
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Solidarity: within our union and in our community
  • Building alliances for racial and social justice
  • Resistance to the corporate attack on public schools & services