EDU is visiting schools – Have we been to yours?

EDU candidates have been busy….. talking with teachers and paras at schools at more than a dozen schools all over the district during the first few weeks of the campaign. Members are eager to hear what we would do differently if elected. “How will you address member apathy?” and “What will your approach to bargaining be?” are two questions that came up at many sites. Other educators want to know what the union can do to address concerns over special ed, testing and common core.  Candidates will continue to visit schools for the next couple of weeks. Ballots will be mailed out  to members during the last week of April. If you don’t have your ballot by May 4, call UESF and make sure you get a replacement. Make sure your vote counts and get your ballot in the mail!

To learn more…

Schedule a visit to your site. Please contact Lita Blanc alitablanc at or Cynthia Lasden notengotia at to arrange a site visit by EDU candidates.

A debate for contested officer positions will take place on Tuesday May 5th from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria of Civic Center Secondary School. Come here from EDU candidates.

Check out candidate statements and photos on the UESF website here.