It’s Time to Cast Your Vote — for EDU!

The UESF internal election is on! You should have gotten your ballot at home. This election is about exposure and getting members to vote! Here’s how you can help EDU win!


1. Remind UESF members they got a ballot send to their home:

• do an all-call at your site

• post to your Facebook page

• send out an email (never use email addresses)

2. If ballots are not received by Monday 5/4, call UESF 415/956-8373 for a replacement.

3. Remind folks to sign the outer envelope or their vote won’t count!

4. Organize a voting day at your site, after a staff meeting or during a UBC meeting.

5. Talk to your friends about voting the FULL EDU SLATE!  Encourage them to look at the UESF website for our bios or contact us for more info.


1. Ballots must be received by May 18, 5pm.

2. Do not mail ballots after May 11; with the presorted stamp they take longer to arrive.

3. Organize a ballot collection for your site and let me know in advance.  We can pick up ballots on May 17 and May 18th to deliver them to make sure each one gets counted.


Executive Officer Candidates Executive Board Candidates
President: Lita Blanc Substitute: Anna Slavicek
Executive Vice President: Darlene Anaya Paraprofessional: Francis Walsh
Secretary: Lisa Gutierrez Guzman Middle School: Heidi Avelina Smith
Treasurer: Tom Edminster High School:

Andy Libson

Ellen Yoshitsugu

SF Labor Council

Darlene M. Anaya

Lita Blanc

Tom Edminster

Lisa Gutierrez Guzman


Magdalena DeGuzman

Cynthia Lasden

Pablo Portillo

Marci Ryan

SPED: Julia Kim
At Large: Larry Orloff

Derrlyn Tom

EDU ALSO ENDORSES: Frank Lara (Elementary) and Norman Zelaya (At Large)