About EDU
We are a group of educators that work in San Francisco public schools and are activist within our union.  Our focus is working in our union, United Educators of San Francisco (AFT Local 61/NEA), to make it a force in the larger battle for public education, workers’ rights and social justice.

Educators for a Democratic Union was formed in the run up to executive board and officer elections in 2009. We took 41% of the officer votes and won some positions on the Executive Board. 
Our group includes many different people and different views but we are all committed to building a union that fights for a better world. We think that includes more direct democracy, protecting the right to public education and taking action at our work sites.

In 2015 we had another successful run for union office.  We visited over 30 school sites and built support throughout our union. EDU currently holds two officer positions in the union (President and secretary) and 7 Executive Board seats. We have 4 members elected to the Labor Council of San Francisco.  We are very proud of these results but also aware that our fight was never really just about the executive board results.

While we started as largely an electoral body, the group has become an active group at all levels in our union.  We have taken part in many labor actions but also see ourselves as intimately connected with immigration reform, stopping the wars, taxing the rich and fighting against police brutality.