Lita Blanc, President UESF

Bilingual teacher since 1986;UESF Executive Board 2003-09;UESF Bargaining team 2008-09. I’ve been a union activist for 25 years and UBC rep at Moscone for the last 15.My first initiative within UESF was around getting educators the right to have their children placed at the school of their choice. I was part of the PLC slate that ousted Kent Mitchell in 2003 and served on the Executive Board till 2009. Together with EDU, I have pushed the current leadership to take a stand against cuts, furloughs and excessive testing. Public education is being destroyed before our very eyes. In order to defend our jobs and our schools, we need a union that embraces a larger vision of social justice and is willing to organize the fight NOW! I am committed to building a leadership that is accountable and responsive to our members. VOTE EDU!

Andy Libson 
Eleven year science teacher: Mission H.S. UBC member/Building Representative. Socialist, active in UESF and in social movements. Helped organize March 4, 2010 walkout and protest against budget cuts. Bring collaborative approach to leadership. Bottom-up (not top-down) approach source of union strength. Emphasize informing members and collective action to solving problems. Strong social justice values. Listening to members is essential to successful organizing. Joined EDU because it stands for strong union values, informing members, and full transparency in process and action. Fighting for ALL members including classified who are often left behind or left out. EDU stands up in word and deed for issues that effect all workers, students and families. I’m running because public education is under fierce attack; we need a union prepared to fight back by any means necessary (work actions, occupations, strikes) to defend our work conditions and schools, our students and communities. Vote EDU! 

Darlene M Anaya 

Darlene Anaya has ten years experience as a high school classroom teacher and currently works as a Restorative Practices Coach.

Darlene is an experienced unionist. She has been a UBC member since joining SFUSD and served as a Building Representative for six years. She was a delegate to the CFT and NEA Conventions. Within UESF, Darlene worked as a Member Service Specialist for three years taking members calls and providing assistance. She assisted at substitute general meetings. 

She is running for a UESF officer position because she recognizes and believes in collaboration, transparency, and equity for all members. The important role of substitutes and paras cannot be minimized or marginalized. We must be willing to fight for our hard won union rights that are being challenged. Salary increases, tenure, and seniority can’t be taken for granted. Please vote for Darlene and EDU (Educators for a Democratic Union) candidates.

Lisa Gutierrez Guzmàn, Secretary UESF

Three terms as Bilingual Rep on Executive Board. Active since 1993, always encouraging hitting educational crisis head on. We need more member participation and more of “open book” in fight for all members, classified and certificated. Educators for a Democratic Union has taken the lead in pushing for equity and justice for all students and workers and against budget cuts, furloughs, layoffs, high stakes testing.

•  Have been on UBC and usually Building Rep at Buena Vista and Flynn and now at J. Serra for last 20 years;

• Former delegate to CTA State Council (currently, an alternate) and usually a delegate to CFT and NEA conventions;

• Former Human Rights Contact for CTA Golden Gate Service Center Council;

• Paraprofessional, Teacher-in-Charge, ELD Specialist, Bilingual/Immersion Teacher;

• Secretary for 14 years and on bargaining team prior to becoming an educator


High School
Tom Edminister

On Executive Board & SF Labor Council–for much of past 25 years.

E. Board: committees: Site Based Services; initiated Peace Justice and Human Rights Committee; Sgt At Arms; & much experience amending UESF rules. Etc.

SF Labor Council: recent committees: Law & Legislative, Economic Crisis, Fair Tax

My values of advocacy and service to the commonwealth; building cultures of grassroots democracy and input among those who do the work–have led me to

•  worksite activism on behalf of democracy & consultation, adequate representation—-and a

•  local-wide politics of solidarity.

From the Lincoln HS UBC to the Greyhound strike 1990, to Local 2 battles, to the PJHRC–and more– I have tried to connect UESF to practices of solidarity, social justice and peace–in the broader world.

I wish to continue as an independent and effective voice, advocating for a healthy, transparent and effective union. Vote EDU!

Middle School

David Russitano

I have been an active Socialist and an activist for the last 12 years.  My first political experience was during WTO demonstration in Seattle.   At the demonstration, I was inspired by the 50,000 people that fought against corporate globalization and I have been committed to fighting for better world ever since.  After, I joined the anti sweatshop movement and since I have fought against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, against the death penalty, for immigrant rights (including the May Day in 2006), and have been an active participant in the Occupy movement.

The union movement has been a logical extension of my activism.  I have been a building representative for 5 out of my 6 years as a teacher.  The most inspiring moment since becoming a teacher has been the lead up to the March 4th demonstrations which I helped organize with many others.

EDU has been a natural home for me as the group is dynamic and forward thinking.  We need to build a union that is willing to take a stand against the national trend in education which is towards testing and blaming teachers as failures.  To back up this fight our union needs to take a more aggressive stance including strikes and direct action.  A vote for me and EDU is a vote to for taking an activist approach to our union.

Elementary School 

Cynthia Lasden

Elected and served three terms as Elementary Representative on the UESF Executive Board (I worked under Dennis Kelly’s leadership and the PLC for years. Seeking more democratic participation on the Executive Board and in the General Assembly, I left PLC (2009 ) and joined Educators for a Democratic Union/EDU. EDU has pushed current leadership to take a stand on layoffs, testing overkill and furloughs!2003-2007; 2009-present). Please consider voting for me.

I am an active and principled unionist. I regularly attend Executive Board and Assemblies, and speak out regularly to fight for better work conditions. I’ve also actively led my site’s UBC for 16 years.

…a former delegate to the SF Labor Council

…lead an active UBC

…a former paraprofessional and substitute

…a National Board Certified Teacher

…a Spanish bilingual teacher activist and school leader F

B: Educatorsfor A Democraticunion

Maria Lourdes Nocedal

I’ll continue advocating for better salary increases, benefits, classroom support, class supplies, and adequate working technology.  I have kept my promises in fighting against layoffs of teachers and paraprofessionals these past years. I’ve successfully mobilized teachers, parents and students to hold our Board of Education members and city/state politicians accountable.

Ron Trapp

Substitute teacher I have been a day to day substitute in SFUSD for 15 years. Four years “site-sub” at Horace Mann – Active in UBC. Let’s Rejuvenate the substitute Division – we deserve health coverage and significant pay raises. Vote for change, transparency and a member driven union: Vote EDU..

Marylin Cornwell


Bilingual Rep – Magdalena De Guzman

My special training is in multicultural education. I am a supporter, promoter and advocate to provide comprehensive services for the needs of our very multicultural and diverse student population. In the academic area, I have been teaching a bilingual class for the last 20 years. I have attended and provided a workshop at the California Association of Bilingual Educators (CABE) in the past. I am one of the core designers of a primary language arts curriculum that was adopted by our district. I am also running because we need to EXPOSE the GREED of PRIVATE CORPORATIONS and FOUNDATIONS. They desire to PRIVATIZE and PROFIT from our public education. The district wants to create HYBRID schools and programs that use tax money and INVESTOR’s money. This is dangerous and it has to STOP!

Adrienne Johnstone

Please consider voting for me and for all of the EDU candidates. I’m a 12-year veteran teacher (seven at George Washington Carver, five at SF Community K-8). As Building Rep. at Carver I built a strong UBC and was an active voice for my site at Assembly meetings. I am currently Building Rep at SF Community.

2006 – lead organizer for UESF’s Contract Organizing Team

2006 – received CFT’s “Emerging Union Leadership” Award

2006-2009 – member UESF Executive Board

2009 – left PLC to help start EDU – Educators for a Democratic Union.

2010 – organized the March 4, 2010 march of several thousand students, families and educators in the Mission

We need a leadership that believes its goal is building leaders at every work site, bringing members into ACTIVE participation and preparing for workplace actions, including strikes. Vote for Lita Blanc, Andy Libson and all EDU candidates.


Nina Lawit

Nina Lawit, candidate for E-Board /at large. CDP/EES teacher, have been active in union since 1990 as a building rep, in CDP divisional meetings, union/district committee and speaking up for union issues and equity and justice. I have been working with the EDU caucus with the goal of building a more participatory, informed and active membership so our union can be stronger to fight against attacks on us and on public education as a whole. I would like to serve on the executive board and be part of our union’s collective struggle to fight off layoffs, cuts, and too much testing, and to achieve our positive vision of education based on social justice, joy of learning and equal opportunity for our students, and gaining rights for paraprofessionals, substitutes, child development program(EES) and all educators, students and families. VOTE EDU !