A democratic union that functions with transparency. 

1. Membership will have active oversight of bargaining.

2. The bargaining team will be elected by the UESF membership.

3. Union leadership will make regular reports to the Executive Board and Assembly, not just sharing information, but seeking membership input and direction.

4. The UESF bargaining team will be accountable  to the membership; it will make regular reports to the Executive Board and Assembly to seek input and direction from the membership.

5. All changes in workday, wages and benefits will be voted on by the full membership.  We will have open and thorough discussion on any changes in dues: where the money will go, how it will benefit members.

6. All resolutions passed and minutes taken during Executive Board and Assembly Meetings will be posted in a timely manner on the UESF website.

A union that defends the rights of ALL its members. 

1. We believe in equal rights to pay increases for paraprofessionals, substitutes, child development and K-12 teachers.  Paras, substitutes and CDC/EES teachers should get proportionally larger increases because they did not receive pay increases under Prop A.

2. Union leadership will spend more time in the school and work sites finding out what members concerns are and taking action.

3.We seek to defend and expand the number of paraprofessionals working in SFUSD.

4.We believe PARS needs to be modified to make it a fair and reasonable process

Social justice for all: educators, families and students.

1. We will engage in dialogue with families about a long-range vision for public education and what education could look like.

2. We will defend the rights of all immigrant families to live and work in San Francisco free of harassment from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

3. We oppose school closings and the resegregation of our schools.

Empowering members at their school sites. 

1. We should begin organizing now to prepare members for workplace actions, including  work to rule and possibly a strike.

2. We believe real reform starts at the school sites. We will encourage members to take action where they work to improve education, working conditions and to help build the union.

3. We will lead and encourage discussions on issues that matter to our membership in addition to the contract—pedagogy, school climate and discipline, building community-school relationships, etc.

4. We support authentic assessment for students and oppose using test scores to measure the success of teachers. No merit pay!

The defense of public education and the public sector through progressive taxation. 

1. We will build relationships and emphasize strategic actions with other unions and public sector stakeholders to build and fund a new vision for social justice and equity.

2. We will work  for progressive taxation measures.

3. We will fight to stop the privatization of any aspect of public schools and help existing charter schools to unionize.

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