EDU hosts slate building meeting for UESF elections – Join us!

EDU met with a group of SFUSD teachers, paras and retirees to brainstorm and unite on changes we’d like to see in our union. This spring we will have an election for new officers and Executive Board members for UESF. We are working to create a vision of a stronger union that defends public education and we want you to join in this project.

Invite coworkers and join our next meeting where we will be talking about points of unity and potential platform planks as well as building an outreach committee.

Next meeting:

platform and slate building: Thursday January 29 at the Redstone Building

2940 16th street at Capp street, 3rd floor, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

We deserve better: VOTE NO!

The tentative agreement represents what the bargaining team settled for at the table, rather than the outcome of a strategy based on mobilization and pressure, including systematic work to rule, organizing more community support, a second strike vote and a possible strike.

The full statement put out by activists from Educators for a Democratic Union is below.

We deserve better!
Vote NO on the Tentative Agreement/TA!

This TA represents what the Bargaining Team/BT settled for at the table, as opposed to a strategy based on mobilization and pressure, including systematic work-to-rule, organizing more community/parent support, a second strike vote, and a possible strike.

On wages and salary…
• Why are we agreeing to only a 12% raise, down from 21% ?
• For certificated staff, during the third year of our contract, 2% of that 12% raise will be going straight out of our paychecks to cover an increased STRS contribution. So certificated do NOT actually get a 12% raise over 3 years. (We note that United Teachers of Los Angeles is pressuring LA Unified for a 10% raise for one year.)
• For classified members, UESF agreed to only a single step increase, rather than the three step increases the UESF Bargaining Team initially proposed. The added 3% is a real gain but still woefully insufficient.
• The re-opener language on compensation is
o weak in compelling SFUSD to increase compensation and
o is quite late in the 3 year contract cycle
Will UESF members get ANY more $$ from the re-opener clause, as it is written?

The TA includes significant gains,including:
• improved language for substitutes,
• child-bonding leaves,
• partial repayment of lost hours for security guards and
• additional pay for high school counselors.

Modified language on site-based meetings:
• At TK to 5th grade sites, the TA offers administrators the possibility of scheduling up to six (6!) hours of mandated meetings PLUS two (2) faculty meetings per month. This may result in a net increase in mandated meetings.
• However, for TK -12 sites (all divisions) site-based activities inside the work day apart from instructional time (including after-school parent and student meetings) are now acknowledged as part of the work week, and subject to UBC concurrence in scheduling.

Elementary prep time: 150 minutes weekly, before or after our instructional day, but inside the 35 hour work week. 150 minutes is a gain over 60 minutes. However most prep time will not be scheduled within the instructional day.

Increased transparency and member participation!

Before mediation, the UESF Bargaining Team reported to the membership (via email, and to the Executive Board and the Assembly) regarding the specifics of the bargaining process.

Mediation meant the UESF leadership ONLY reported bargaining details in closed sessions of the Executive Board (and in generalities to the Assembly and by UESF email). This kept UESF members “on the sidelines” for months, although there was site-based organizing of parent support AND “work-to-rule” activity at several school sites.

We could have avoided some of the shortcomings of this setttlement by actively engaging UESF members in the bargaining process.
• The Exective Board and Assembly could have set the bargaining priorities, rather than giving the UESF Bargaining Team the full authority.
• We could have held open public bargaining sessions, as done by AFT 2121 with CCSF.
• We could have increased active parent and community pressure by publicly demanding SFUSD open books and accountablity in budgeting.

EDU believes we could have gotten a better deal for our members, had we focused more on pressuring SFUSD, including real preparation to go on strike.

VOTE NO! Send a message to our UESF leadership that we deserve a better deal!

Call a second strike vote!
Prepare for a possible strike!

Contact EDU- We want to hear
from you!

We meet monthly.
The next EDU meeting is:
Thursday, December 11th

Glen Park Library
2825 Diamond St.

Join EDU at UESF Assembly this week

Educators for a Democratic Union activists believe that we need to use our collective strength to get the best possible contract for our members.Therefore, we call on our leadership to:

1. Maintain the demand for a 21% raise!
2. Set the date for a second strike vote without further delay.
3. Tell our members that a strike will be needed to win our just demands.

We hope you can help us voice this message at the UESF assembly this Wednesday…… IDA B Wells High School at 4:15 pm.

Below is a more complete version of EDU’s perspective on the contract:

Hours/wages for a Classified (Paraprofessionals & Security):

UESF put forward a good proposal of an 8-hour workday for ALL classified. SFUSD rejected it completely. UESF immediately collapsed to a new position of 8-hr for T-10s and only a 6-hour minimum for all other classified. All our classified members deserve a full-time job at our schools of up to 8 hours/day.

Classified will need to see significant increase in their wage steps which max out after only 5 years if we are to lift our poorest members out of poverty wages.

Local Control Funding Formula- SFUSD received an increase of millions of dollars for 2014-15. These funds are meant to support English language learners, students who live in poverty and students in foster care. Shouldn’t these funds be going to reduce class-size and to provide a rich curriculum instead of buying technology for test-taking? Moreover, shouldn’t a portion of these funds be earmarked to support immigrant students who have just arrived from Central America ?

Preparation Time for Elementary Teachers:

UESF is asking for 45 minutes of prep time for elementary teachers per day but is prepared to accept that the prep time come at the end of the instructional day. This is NOT “prep time” inside the instructional day, as is the usual practice in middle and high schools.

Class Size:
The UESF bargaining team initially ONLY made class-size proposals for grades 4/5, giving teachers “more resources and release time” if class sizes exceed contractual “goals.” This current practice at K-3 does NOT actually lower class size. CLASS SIZE limits need to mean real caps. Class-size reductions means clear numerical limits at all grade levels set into our contract, not “compensation,” that leave workloads intact and that we cannot grieve over.

Meetings in the Work Day and Non-Instructional Time:

SFUSD is trying to extend our day with more after-school meetings. We must hold the line on this by rejecting attempts to extend our work day and by attempts by SFUSD to weaken 7.2.7, which empowers UBCs to hold management to a reasonable meeting and PD schedule.

In solidarity,

Lita Blanc for EDU

A Good Contract Means More Than a Wage Increase/April 22nd rally

UESF has called for a rally at the School Board meeting this Tuesday, April 22nd, 5:00 p.m. at 555 Franklin St. All UESF members, union members and community members who want to fight for public education should plan to attend. UESF has begun to publicize a 21% raise demand (over three years) and we want to call everyone out to support this. EDU also wants to make the case that a good contract means more than a wage increase. Please read and distribute our latest flier (download here) and join us on Tuesday at the rally…. 


EDU urges you to vote this week!

I endorse the following candidates for UESF conventions.  Please consider voting the entire slate.  

Darlene Anaya

Matt Bello
Lita Blanc
Rose Curreri
Tom Edminster
Jessica Hobbs 
Lisa Gutierrez Guzman
Andy Libson
Maria Lourdes Nocedal
Ellen Yoshitsugu
All are members of EDU – Educators for a Democratic Union – the activist caucus standing for progressive change within our union.  I have been a member since its inception five years ago.  
Why vote EDU, especially if you’ve never heard of any of our candidates?
Currently EDU is pushing UESF leadership to inform our members what is going on in bargaining. As union members, we have had no substantial report on bargaining from the bargaining team, which is tightly controlled by President Dennis Kelly. Not even the Executive Board –whose mandate is to set the policy for UESF and thus guide the Bargaining Team — has received information.   Our current union leadership still has not made public the data they collected from the bargaining surveys that they encouraged us all to fill out.  In fact, as an elected member of the Executive Board, we give no input to  bargaining or Union policy.  Sadly, there really is no room for debate and discussion, new ideas, and building leadership under our current leadership. 
EDU is working hard to change the way our union does business.  We run on a platform of transparency and open communication to all members.  This includes engaging members in debate and discussion, listening to what members have to say, and fighting for a living wage for all our members including paras and subs (who contract after contract have gotten shafted by the contracts agreed upon by our current leadership).  We need activist change in our union leadership and EDU is the body that is making that change.

We can really only make a difference as a group. Please consider voting for the entire EDU slate. 


We have monthly meetings and are building our caucus.

Friend us on Facebook: Educatorsfor A DemocraticUnion
Cynthia Lasden


Every Vote Counts

I endorse the following candidates for the CFT and AFT Conventions:
Lita Blanc
Ellen Yoshitsugu
Andy Libson
Tom Edminster
Maria Lourdes Nocedal
Lisa Gutierrez Guzman
Darlene Anaya
Jessica Hobbs
They are all members of the Educators for a Democratic Union, EDU, a caucus in our union. I have been a member of EDU since its inception. 
Every vote counts. Many times I witnessed a coin toss because of a tie. I even won a coin toss because of a tie in the voting outcome. As a result, I was able to represent the teachers and attend the CFT Convention. Please tell your friends who are not really feeling the strength of our union that there is another choice… EDU.  Even though I got elected to the executive board, I (and the others who are not PLC members) am excluded from offering any input in the negotiation process of our contract  with the district. It’s not a very empowering situation in the executive and the assembly. We can change this when we  change the leadership of our union.  
Magdalena de Guzman

EDU meeting October 10

      Please join us on Thursday, October 10th to discuss our upcoming contract !
      We will be meeting at the Glen Park Library (near the Bart station) from 4:30-6:30.
      If you can’t make it on Thursday, we’d also love to see you at the October 12th T4SJ conference at Mission High. EDU will be facilitating a lunchtime workshop on social justice unionism.