This was released by union officers at Sept Exec Board retreat, and subject to change

  • September – Launch mamber petition in support of ‘meet and confer’, hold “listening sessions” with non site based members (continues through December)
  • October – Bargaining team appointed by president, approved at Oct EBoard, SFUSD audited actuals released, ‘meet and confer’ with SFUSD on salary, “Listening Sessions” included at Division meetings
  • November – Bargaining survey prepared and distributed, ‘meet and confer’ continues
  • December – Bargaining survey collected by December (date?), “TA brought to membership for ratification??” (I don’t know what this is referring to)
  • January – Results of “Survey and Bargaining Proposal” reviewed by EBoard
  • February – Sunshine Proposal, visibility campaign
  • March – Bargaining begins, campaign of escalating actions by members
  • April – Bargaining continues, contract campaign continues
  • May –¬†Bargaining continues, contract campaign continues